Surefoot EZ

Surefoot EZ is a new generation of foaming cleaner and degreaser is specifically designed for quarry tile floors. Utilizing the latest cleaning technology, SUREFOOT EZ employs bioactive enzymes to digest oils and food soils without the use of harsh caustic chemicals. Its powerful surfactants and builders help penetrate the pores in quarry tile, terrazzo, marble, and grout, carrying the bioactive enzymes along to accelerate cleaning. As the bioactive enzymes digest food soils, they reduce odor caused by decay. Also, the bioactive enzymes reduce slippage as they digest the oils and greases that make quarry tile slick. As an added benefit, as excess surefoot ez is flushed down the drain, the bioactive enzymes work on soils and greases present in the drain. Floors cleaned with surefoot ez provide positive traction and result in a cleaner, safer work environment.


Available in 1 gallon jugs.

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