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General Information

Xtreme Kleen is committed to bringing the safest and most effective hand hygiene products on the market to our customers. Our complete line of hand sanitizers and soaps are made with only the highest quality raw materials for a consistent quality that you can rely on. 

Xtreem Kleen Available In The Following

  • 2oz Travel Gel

  • 8oz Pump Gel
  • 4oz Liquid Mister
  • 8oz Liquid Mister
  • 22oz Liquid Sprayer

  • 64oz Liquid Jug

  • 128oz Liquid Jug
  • 128oz Gel Jug

Questions & Answers

I have used so many hand sanitizers with an unpleasant smell. What causes this?

The most likely culprit associated with a bad smell is poor quality ethyl alcohol. Xtreme Kleen uses only the highest quality ethyl alcohol to ensure a product that not only kills germs, but smells good in the process

Why are some hand sanitizers sticky and leave a film on my hands?

Generally a sticky feeling is caused by improper amounts of humectants and emollients, but can also be a result of using low grade viscosity modifiers in gel hand sanitizers. Quality brands should leave hands feeling moisturized but not sticky and with a light and pleasant fragrance.

Why are some hand sanitizers clear, and others are cloudy

More than likely this would also point to use of a low grade viscosity modifier, but can also be a result of low grade additives such as aloe and other things. Cloudy does not necessarily mean dangerous, and clear does not always mean quality. But cloudy hand sanitizers are generally not up to the quality standards that most people expect.

I have seen news reports about dangerous hand sanitizers in the last year, what dangers are they talking about?

 Since March of 2020, a lot of manufacturers have entered into the sanitizer market. The primary concern has been methanol contamination. While methanol is an alcohol, it is highly toxic and can cause serious health problems. Also the use of low grade ethanol normally reserved for fuel production has found its way into hand sanitizers and is prone to contaminants such as benzene and acetylaldehyde. Make sure your hand sanitizer comes from a trusted source. You can read more on products to avoid at the following link.

How often should I use hand sanitizer

Despite the uncertainty brought on from the Covid pandemic, hand sanitizer should not be overused. Washing hands with soap and water is preferred when available. Hand sanitizer should be used only after coming into contact with surfaces in public places and soap and water is not available. There are actually good bacteria that live on your skin as well, and overuse of hand sanitizer can be a bad thing. For further guidance you can refer to the following link.

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